About the journal

Acta Economica is the scientific journal of the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka, which was launched in 2002, and twice a year it publishes papers from all disciplines that are studied at the undergraduate and graduate studies, and it also follows current events in the field of economic sciences.

The journal publishes papers in Serbian language and in leading foreign languages. Empirical researches and theoretical analyses are equally important and they will be published if, in the opinion of the reviewers and editors, they meet the standards of the journal.

At the request of Editorial Board of the journal " Acta Economica", Ministry of Science and Tecnology of Republic of Srpska made a categorization of our magazine "Acta Economica". According to final ranking list, journal " Acta Economica" was classified in the first category of journals with 29 scored points out of 30 points possible and was characterized as a leading scientific journal of national importance under Article 19, Paragraph 4 of the Standard Act on publication of scientific publications.

Faculty of Economics has signed an Agreement with EBSCO database of internationally recognized journals. All issues of the journal (electronic and printed versions) were sent to headquarters of the EBSCO (Ipswich, USA) and analytical processing of all issues is under way.

Also, Acta Economica is included in the international system of cross-referencing (CrossRefRepport). Articles were assigned a special code number (Digital Objects Identifier, DOI). Every author that has published a paper in our journal will be able by using CrossRef to track the number of hits on their published work, which will be a significant reference for them during election for associate and teaching positions and during submission of applications for scientific-research projects.

Acta Economica journal has been analytically processed from the first issue of 2002 until 2014, and all attachments are searchable in electronic catalogue of NUB RS at www.nub.rs in cooperative online catalogue COBISS / OPAK. Bibliography of articles can be downloaded here.

Papers should be written in accordance with the technical guidelines of the scientific journal Acta Economica.